Round 3 – Day something – 9 actually

Today was a struggle after staying up late last night chatting with friends that I complained about yesterday. Yeah, I finally came out of my hole and decided to be friendly. I was doing OK with food today except for the cheetos and 2 slices of bread. I didn’t need it but really wanted to fill that hole in my tummy after a big legs session today. It was something a glass of water would not cure. I am still OK I guess, staying under 2000 calories but just over 1700. Tomorrow is weigh-in. I’m not too concerned because I am still very bloated. I have been having more dairy that I normally have so the tummy is going a little haywire with that. I am putting up with it because I find that it really does help with the hunger during the day.

Found out today that the lactose-free milk I have been having has sugar in it! Not happy. I will be switching brands again. Eurgh what a pain. I thought I was making the right choice but it appears that not all ingredients need to be listed if it is less than 5% of the total ingredients. I think that is so wrong. It should be listed regardless of percentage. Definitely very misleading, just like all those sugar-free products.

Anyway, tonight I made a wonderful dish with portobello mushrooms which have finally made an appearance at the supermarket. I filled it with homemade basil pesto, bambini bocconcini, mozzarella, breadcrumbs and spinach. It was so satisfying despite my having rice cakes and 2 slices of bread after that. Very easy and so quick to make. It’s my dinner again tomorrow. Repeating meals and I need to clear out my fresh veges before I go away for the weekend.

Gym wise following the plan to the letter. Not doing extra cardio like I did in the last round because I have to admit, I was quite rundown by the end of it. I am looking forward to switching it up next week. I am pleased that I am able to handle much heavier weights than before. It will be interesting how I finish the week off while I’m away. A little worried but have bought some resistance bands to use instead of panicking to find a gym. Thankfully I’ve left mainly the cardio for while I’m away. We will see how I go. I also have a few back up plans if it fails to materialise. Good old bodyweight can go far I have learnt over the last few weeks.

So that was today. A pretty long day. It was stressful at times but I am glad it’s over and tomorrow is a new day. It is definitely time for bed because the next 2 days are going to be painfully long. Hope to blog tomorrow otherwise, wait for me on Thursday. :)

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